BITG 007: Visualisation Techniques for Athletes – Why is visualisation so effective for athletes?

January 3, 2013

Visualisation and why it is so effective for athletes for building replicable Neural Pathways

This episode is an eye-opening look into the world of visualisation, and how it can help you attain precision and focus in your performance.

Visualisation should be an intrical part of every athletes training program.

When used correctly, visualisation can have a huge impact on perfecting your skills as an athlete without any risk of fatigue or injury.

Using your brain and imagination to repair and manage your emotions also enables an athlete to create a history of success, which in turn builds confidence.

In this episode we look at the why, when and how we effectively visualise in order to build and perfect a skill or performance.

  • The science behind this skill to uncover why visualisation works so effectively in any sport
  • The many different visualisation techniques available and why a multi-dimensional approach can be vital to performance improvement
  • How to effectively visualise to create a sense of familiarity and confidence within any skill
  • When is the best time to visualise to ensure you know which visualisation skill to use at the right time: associated, dissociated, point to point visualisation, key point visualisation, internal patterning and technical visualisation
  • Using visualisation to manage other challenges such as deflating anxiety and overcoming fear

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