BITG 004: Values, Beliefs, Motivators – We Are Not The Same

December 3, 2012

In this episode we ask the question, ‘What do you do before you do what you do?’

As a coach working with athletes, do you know your athletes and do you know what specific needs they have in order to get the best out of them?

We discuss the important questions to ask yourself when you start working with athletes. Understanding athletes beforehand will enable you to get the best results from them by working with them, not against them.

We also talk about who are you being, when you do what you do. Most coaches have a preferred coaching style, one size doesn’t fit all.

The seek to understand that in each style, each approach by coaches – works for some athletes on some level.

We go through my technique for gaining a rapid understanding of athletes within the first 5 minutes of working together. I show how by listening for the language through specific questioning, will give enough information to kick start our coaching relationship and ensure it continues on a solid foundation.

We also interview two very talented athletes: Ben Pugh and Abbey Pugh, who compete in the Australian Iromman and Ironwoman circuits. We talk about how these two elite athletes from the same family have a vastly different outlook and approach to their sport, to their training and to their competition.

Very insightful for all athletes, coaches and parents.

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Simon April 30, 2013 at 5:17 pm

Love the podcasts. Where can I download the values questionaire from bith04?


Dave Diggle May 4, 2013 at 10:21 pm

Hi Simon,

Great to get your feedback, I am really pleased you are enjoying the podcast.

One of the key distinctions with building a pre-coaching mental, emotional and cognitive questionnaire is it’s specificity. It is an opportunity for you to gain the information you require to do the best job you can do. And it is because of this we don’t have a generic questionnaire, what I would recommend is first sitting down and isolating what information specifically you wish to get from the athletes based on their age, their sport, their interaction level and your influence level, then come up with 5 key questions that specifically target those objectives. Then think of 3 different ways to ask each of those 5 questions.

If you would like me to elaborate further I would be happy to. Feel free contact me via email with a few specifics and I would be glad to provide some examples for your situation.



Dave Diggle October 25, 2016 at 11:32 am

Hi Simon
Thanks for listening to the podcast and I am pleased you are getting practical information from it.

On the far right hand side of this page is a red Sign Up button. When you enter your name and email address you will be sent a link to the page where you can access all of the worksheets, transcripts (for all episodes) and bonus coaching videos.

Thanks for the feedback


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