BITG 050: Using Emotions to Overcome Performance Anxiety and Build Motivation

February 12, 2015

Emotions: Rocket fuel or Kryptonite? Your choice.

Our emotions are an integral part of our sporting and performance success strategy. When used correctly our emotions can be the rocket fuel that catapults our career to heights beyond our wildest dreams. However if handled badly they can be our own personal Kryptonite and completely derail, or even crush, our career beyond salvation.

When most coaches focus on the obvious physical Skills, it is often this hidden internal dynamite that goes undetected until it goes “BOOM!”

So why is this internal concoction of potent chemicals so critical to our ability to perform?

And why is it so hard to get it right?

In this episode of Brain in the Game we look at how this under appreciated and rarely trained skill-set is the make or break of your career and why no one else is telling you about it.

So many athletes are impacted by performance anxiety and blame their ability to perform specific skills or set of skills in specific situations, rather than understand the beast within.

So settle in and crank up the volume as we uncover your emotional blueprint to success.

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