BITG 008: Understanding Momentum – How to Craft it, Manage it, Maintain it

January 13, 2013

In this episode we explore that fickle thing called momentum and why it is so important to understand in order to stay on the sporting trajectory we have planned for our career.

When something arises that is unforeseen, your momentum is often brought to a grinding holt.

Even forseen circumstances such as end of season, end of contract, a change in code or injury – can often interrupt the momentum you have created.

  1. How do we create momentum – that initial change in inertia
  2. How do we manage momentum – how do we keep our trajectory and path true
  3. How do we maintain our momentum over our career – to keep us driving forward


Understanding the science behind momentum will create the connections in your day to day that will open up the possibilities to translate into your bigger career goals.

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