BITG 011.2: Top 10 Questions Asked By Elite Athletes & Coaches The World Over – Part B

March 1, 2013

Clarification allows us to better understand and apply our interpretations.

So having an opportunity to ask key questions, gain specificity and identify relevance is an important aspect of effective learning and application.

In Episode 11.1 (Part A), we delved deep into the first part of your top 10 most asked questions, these included setting goals, keeping on track, managing emotions, painful performance memories and dealing with fear.

In Part B we look at the communication model and identify what best suits you, where and why fears are such a big part of performance and also look at a step-by-step approach to building a mental training module for you and your athletes.

Understanding how we sort, store and recall information allows us to better communicate and impart information which increases the efficiency of coaching and the quality of performance.

When an athlete attempts to apply the directions received from a coach they go through multiple mental, emotional and cognitive processes to translate that raw information into a format that fits into their filtration and belief system.

This can often be a long drawn-out process, be thwart with misinterpretations and frustrating for all involved. By having a better understanding of people and their unique communication styles this process can become far more efficient, effective and pleasant.

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