BITG 057: Successful Professional Athletes Learn To Build A Life On The Road

May 21, 2015

When you finally make it and leap into the world of international competition, becoming an athlete traveling nationally and globally for your sport and your country, it can become apparent very quickly that what you did to get there — can soon become very difficult to maintain.

From a hotel room in Mumbai or an Airport lounge in Shanghai, that finally tuned ecosystem of success can easily get out of sync. And those cool teammates you used to see for a few hours a day at training are now sharing your toilet and hairbrush and testing your focus just by the mere proximity to your EVERYTHING.

The seemingly glamorous world of a professional travelling athlete can take as much preparation as the sport itself if you want to get it right and compete at your best no matter where in the world the event is.

In this podcast I share with you some key techniques, strategies and mindset to successful life on the road. So sit back, grab a pen and paper and make some notes for your next tour preparation.

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