BITG 052: Sporting Performance Failures – How do you Manage the Inevitable?

March 12, 2015

Sporting Performance Failures – It’s all about practical perspective.

Elite, professional and extreme sport is a high investment way of life, not only financially but more importantly physically and emotionally too. And with that high investment comes the inevitable knocks and failures along the way. So how do you handle those failures to keep the journey alive?

Knowing there will always be good and not so good times doesn’t always stop it effecting performance and self-esteem, but should it?

In this episode of Brain in the Game (#51) we will explore the consequences of having a one-eyed view of our performance and how we have learnt to see what we choose to see. We will examine different techniques to create perspective and balance and uncover the positive possibilities as well as the negative consequences to failure.

So grab a mirror as you look deep inside yourself to see just how to improve your choices.

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