BITG 001: Setting and Achieving Goals – What’s Your End Game?

November 4, 2012

Traditionally goal setting has always been in the realm of sport as something that is paramount, but realistically it’s something that we don’t pay enough attention to, we don’t really craft our goals to be successes.

In this first episode we look at how we set and achieve a goal.

We discuss:

  • how goal setting works on a cognitive and an emotional level
  • the importance of dopamine and serotonin in this process
  • the rewards and confidence link

Goals are a really important aspect to making a champion. When we look at some of the best athletes around the world, these are the ones that are striving for very specific outcomes. But goals really are just part of a much bigger picture. As an athlete we’re rarely taught how to set goals, let alone how to set a path and a structure around that goal to make it achievable, to make it motivating and to make it sustainable. So we go into detail on the three key aspects to creating this structure of success:

  1. The reason;
  2. The mechanism; and
  3. The system

We talk about the emotion (the reason) and the rewards (the mechanism) and the goals achieved along the way (through our system) to reach our end objective.

We work through the Smart Mind Institute decision matrix exercise, the structured and accountable blue print to setting and achieving goals.

And, as I’m often asked to work with athletes on confidence issues, I share my whole philosophy around confidence.

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