BITG 012: Moving Athletes from Amateur to Professional Thinking and How to Build the Team to do it

March 14, 2013

This episode unpacks the steps to take to traverse from amateur athlete, to professional athlete thinking. We look at the specific steps an athlete can to follow in order to create the right internal and external environment to achieve.

As an amateur we are expected to do everything ourselves, from manage our physical and technical development, our recovery, our emotional welfare and to even look after our own media and sponsorship.

This ‘Jack of all trades’ mentality can seriously inhibit our chances of reaching our full performance potential.

There are significant differences between the self financed, self managed life of an amateur athlete and that of the professional athlete who enters into a structured and highly managed world.

But how do you initiate that same environment to get those professional results before you have access to the ‘team’?

A big mistake many amateurs make is waiting to hit the big time before they choose to surround themselves with the right people in the right environment, this tentative approach can result in missing your opportunity when it arises or never quite getting close enough to be noticed. In this episode we walk you through the step-by-step approach to creating an environment with the right team to succeed.

Learn how to:

  • Identify what and who you need in your team
  • How to unpack the specifics of what is required to enable you to perform
  • Learn how to pick the right people and how to change an existing unproductive member
  • Understand the specific dynamics of a productive professional relationship
  • Identify your boundaries and how to enforce them
  • Learn the system of calibration

So take the plunge and get out of your own way – it’s the first step to thinking like a professional athlete.

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