BITG 070: Mental Blocks and how we can better deal with them – FOREVER

January 22, 2019

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Almost every coach will understand the frustration and pain that comes from an athlete being mentally and emotionally paralysed by a mental block. That uncharacteristic derailing and shuddering halt of a normally calm, in control and capable athlete by what can only be described as an irrational FEAR – be it a block around a specific skill, a venue or even within a competition.

In episode #70 of Brain in the Game we listen to a lecture I delivered recently (January 2019) on the four core components of Mental Blocks and how we, as coaches, can best manage the situation.

Four Core Mental Block components:

  1. Why we have Mental Blocks
  2. What actually happens inside our minds with a Mental Block
  3. How we can fix the blockage
  4. What if the blockage keeps returning

And if you would like to view the slides of the Mental Blocks presentation I gave, they can be found here.

So sit back, enjoy and let’s unpack performance mental blocks.

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