BITG 053: Male vs Female Athletes – Is there a difference in coaching them?

March 26, 2015

Is there more to the sexes than we were lead to believe, from a coaches perspective?

We often gravitate to either coaching boys or girls in our chosen sport.

We also hear coaches frequently identify themselves as a ‘male coach’ or ‘female coach.’

We frequently hear people generalise the genders by a stereo-typical behaviour

However is this an accurate, productive or even fair way of thinking?

Is there really a difference between how we should coach male athletes to how we should coach female athletes? And is this bias based on social norms or hard science?

In this episode #53 we explore some of those physiological, neurological, mental, emotional and social differences between the sporting sexes as well as many of the similarities as we strive to uncover if there really is, in fact, a difference in how we should coach male versus female athletes.

So don your long-held beliefs and be ready to be surprises, challenged, (perhaps called-out?) as well as empowered as we unpack some of those well-nurtured myths.

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