BITG 062: 5 Steps To Handling Big Competition Pressure – How To Value Every Performance

August 7, 2016

As we settle into the 2016 Rio Olympics and we are consumed by the spectacle that is the summer games, we turn our focus to the best of the best, those flawless performances, smashed world and olympic records and the apparent super-human performances of these athletes.

Lets take a closer look at how to get to this pinnacle of performance and what we can do to better secure our place in sporting success.

Human nature is that we remember like a news reel, we remember the peaks of the highs, those world records falling, those close calls at the line and we recall those depths of underachievement from heart wrenching fails, falls and stumbles.

Whereas in reality, and statistically, the vast majority of performers will not win an Olympic medal, nor perform at their best… in part that is because on the day they did not perform the way they had trained!

This can be because of nerves, dealing with pressure or not bringing what they have done in training onto the world stage due to confidence issues or playing it too safe. This is typically not because of a lack of talent, rather a human flaw in preparation.

In this episode of Brain in the Game we will look at 5 training techniques that you can embed, a better mental and emotional framework which will prepare you for high pressure performance and allows you to bring your A game, every game.

So grab a pen and paper and take notes as we jump into a Rio Olympic special of Brain in the Game.

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