BITG 071: Pre-Season Goal Setting – 5 Key Steps to Staying on Track

February 5, 2019

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Good intentions are not good enough.

Statistically, they say the third Monday of the new year is traditionally one of our mentally darkest days for modern society, as we realise those New Years resolutions that we made with all good intentions have already slipped. Our plans of glory fly out the window before they even got started – all due to our inability to stay on track.

And as athletes, it’s that time of year too – post silly season – or at least it’s that time of the season when performance goal setting springs forth and our year becomes all too real.

Despite athletes’ denials, they are human and often suffer the same stickability issues as the rest of us, so in this episode we discuss the five key steps to staying on track with your performance goals:

  1. Clarity and Accountability
  2. Simplicity
  3. Structured Objectives and Goals
  4. Sustainable fuel source
  5. Cyclic Data Collection Systems

So set aside just 20 minutes as we give you the rundown on the ins and outs of sustainable pre-season goal setting.

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