BITG 014: Getting Results – The Patterns and Triggers of Successful Performance

April 11, 2013

So you’re not getting the results you were looking for as an athlete, a coach or even in life. And maybe you know you can achieve much, much more but not sure exactly how to get started…

It’s a common scenario and one we have all experienced on some level. What makes the difference IS the difference – what specifically do you need to do to change it up, to take it to a whole new level of performance, experience and mental toughness?

Before we change our habits we must first understand what’s been holding you back, what behavioural patterns have kept you from achieving thus far, look at what has been built around ourselves and within us and what triggers those patterns.

In this episode of Brain in the Game we look at the key influencing factors of high end performance, our behavioural patterns and their all too familiar triggers. We utilise some key cognitive tools to better understand and plan for our growth and development.

So stop doing the same old thing and step it up, get specific about your goals and objectives and start achieving on your terms.

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