Podcast Episodes

#01 Setting and Achieving Goals

#02 Dealing with Performance Mistakes

#03 Building Confidence and Overcoming Fear

#04 Values, Beliefs, Motivators – We Are Not The Same

#05 Brain Triggers – Our Sporting Habits, Rituals and Behaviours

#06 Calibrating the Mind – Building Performance Structure

#07 Visualisation & Why it is so Effective for Athletes – Building New Neural Pathways

#08 Understanding Momentum – How to Craft it, Manage it, Maintain it

#09 – A Lesson in Mental Toughness

#10 Anchoring – The Neurological Triggering of Specifically Designed Behaviours

#11.1 Top 10 Questions Asked By Elite Athletes & Coaches The World Over – Part A

#11.2 Top 10 Questions Asked By Elite Athletes & Coaches The World Over – Part B

#12 Moving Athletes from Amateur to Professional Thinking and How to Build the Team to do it

#13 – Visualisation – The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made by Athletes and Coaches

#14 – Getting Results – The Patterns and Triggers of Successful Performance

#15 – Athletes need balance – and why ON isn’t always ON!

#16 – Knowing and Doing – What is the Difference

#17 – Selling Isn’t Selling, If It’s Solving [A Coach’s View]

#18 – The 3D Coach – A Complete How-To Process

#19 – Preparation and Performance – Don’t Fear the Grey Blobs

#20 – Your Sport – Finding That Lost Performance

#21 – Athletes and Confidence – Becoming A Confident Athlete

#22 – Understanding Mental Imagery in Sport – Seeing Isn’t Always Believing

#23 – Building Mental and Emotional Resilience in Athletes

#24 – Balancing the Relationship Between Coach, Athlete and Parent

#25 – Recognising and Dealing with Athlete’s Bouts of Self Doubt

#26 – Understanding and Building Performance Consistency

#27 – How to Use Hypnosis in Sport to Give You The Edge

#28 – Sport Has Changed, So We Need To Work Together

#29 – Attention Coaches – I do NOT want your job

#30 – Effective Time Management of Athletes

#31 – Business and Sport – Is it Really That Different?

#32 – The Fear of Breaking a Winning Performance

#33 – The Top 5 Things We Can Learn From Sport

#34 – Are you a Voodoo Parent?

#35 – Do Mothers Make Good Athletes?

#36 – Consistent Preparation = Consistent Performance

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kelley caoyonan March 26, 2013 at 7:41 am

HI david
was wondering where I might find the attachments you talk about in some of your podcasts. Was listening to mental toughness but cant find the link you talk about. Love your podcasts by the way. I am a PE teacher who has recently started a a Sporting Excellence program at my school to help talented and gifted athletes aachieve their sporting and academic goals. So far it has been going extremely well , with some great advice from you and others! thanks


Dave Diggle April 23, 2013 at 10:05 pm

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for listening to the podcast and I am pleased you are getting practical information from it.

On the far right hand side of this page is a red Sign Up button. When you enter your name and email address you will be sent a link to the page where you can access all of the worksheets, transcripts (for all episodes) and bonus coaching videos.

Thanks for the feedback and am really happy to hear your Sporting Excellence program is going extremely well.



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