BITG 061: Controlling your performance outcomes with a 3 legged stool

May 5, 2016

Effectively managing your thoughts, feelings and actions.

When things don’t go the way you planned with your performance, what triggers it for you?

I mean, what REALLY triggers it for you, specifically?

Is it a negative thought that grows from a passing thought into an unscalable mountain that you just cannot see a way past; an uneasy feeling that quickly occupies your whole body, incapacitating your flow; an action that you keep doing even though you know it’s not working for you that unraveled your winning and well-trained performance when under competitive situations?

What if I told you, with a 3 legged stool we could better manage and control your mindset, your consistency and of course your performances!

… Interested?

Then you best listen to this episode, as we look at a strategy to manage your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. This one comes with a free download too!

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