BITG 056: Remembering Your Best Performance, Under Competition Pressure

May 7, 2015

We have all been there at some stage haven’t we that “Performance amnesia” moment, where time stands still – just think back to school when all that study, all those late nights and all those anxious moments come down to that final exam, and then – nothing!

No memory at all of what you actually need to remember! Despite cramming everything you could possibly cram the only thing you can think of is what your teacher will say when they see that blank test paper.

That one single moment in time of emptiness CAN actually consume your every thought in the future! IF you allow it to…

This same performance amnesia could impact your competitive career too, that moment when you step out onto the competitive arena and you get that blankness, you can no longer remember your routine, or what the coach had told you was critical or simply what your process is!

However don’t panic just yet, there is a strategy to overcome those horrifying moment and it all has to do with your preparation! So settle back, clear your schedule and allow your mind to see just how important these next 20 minutes could be for your on and off arena performances.

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