BITG 005: Brain Triggers – Our Sporting Habits, Rituals and Behaviour

December 13, 2012

In this episode we discuss the difference between training to compete and training the way we want to compete.

We look at what happens to our brains when it is triggered by an event.

Why our first action may not be our best action – and how to correct this.

We reveal some really bizarre superstitions some of the world’s top athletes hold on to, and how a professional mind coach would deal with them.

We explore how the habits you follow and what you choose to believe can have a big impact on your anxiety levels, so we go through the steps to find the beliefs that will serve to create far more control over your outcome.

And for those who want to perform with their mental headspace focused purely and simply on the outcome of the competition – we discuss a formula for achieving this on autopilot.

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