BITG 063: Control of your performance – Controlling what you can control and letting go of what you cannot

September 1, 2016

Our sense of “Control” or at the very least our sense of taking steps in “controlling” our environment, our preparation and our performance is a core “Need” as an athlete, we need to know what we are doing is the best that we can, be it a new skill or competing for our country at the highest level.

We “need” to know we have prepared well enough to perform, we have ticked all the boxes to be ready – this lowers our anxiety and increases our confidence allowing us to feel “ready’..

However sometimes that unemotional and structural “Need” process to be in control can turn into an emotional and irrational “WANT” and begin to overlap and engulf our preparation and our performance with unchecked emotional baggage that raises our anxiety and increases our sense “What If” scenarios.

During this episode of Brain in the Game we will explore how we better manage these “Wants” and “Needs” and what we as Coaches and Athletes can do to eliminate those negative doubts and overwhelming habitual behaviours.

So gather round, as we shift your perspective from “What if it goes wrong” to “What if it goes right”

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