BITG 059: Athletes and Emotions – The Deep Connection Between Our Emotions and Our Performance

March 3, 2016

What are you feeding your emotional monster?

Keeping an athletes attitude on track is more about the words we choose to use rather than their desire to perform.

The daily volatility of our emotions and our emotional perspectives can heavily influence the quality of our performance way beyond our physical or technical limitations.

And when we allow these tumultuous emotions to dictate what we can and cannot produce as an athlete we leave ourselves open to frustration, inconsistency, and disappointment.

In this episode of Brain in the Game we will better understand the connection between our emotions, our thought processes, our language and our ability to consistently perform. We will look at what makes up our attitude and how we can better understand and manage its influence over our better judgement.

So, grab a pen and paper and listen closely as we unpack what you do and don’t say for success.

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