BITG 010: Anchoring – The Neurological Triggering of Specifically Designed Behaviours

February 8, 2013

Anchoring is one of those skills innate to us all. To create an anchor builds a cognitive link between our behaviours, our patterns, our emotions and our actions through associations and neurological cataloguing.

With certain actions triggering specific responses, building a catalogue of behavioural blueprints can be beneficial when performing under pressure and knowing which trigger fires which blueprint.

If we can predict an outcome by understanding how we store our neurological blueprints and then how we can trigger the desired response, lower our anxiety, beat the competition nerves and perform just how we want to.

In this episode we unpack this exact process of building an anchor to a specific performance and design a trigger to fire it by associating the event, with the emotion and a trigger so we can replicate that chemical cocktail to fire off the same response.

It’s the natural performance enhancement that is replicable, sustainable, reliable and legal 😉

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