By taking a deep look at the typical yearly cycle most athletes traditionally follow, we uncover the hidden mental and emotional minefield athletes unknowingly put themselves through every year:

  1. The pre-season
  2. The start of season
  3. The mid-to-end of season, and
  4. The (much-awaited) post-season

So in this episode, we unpack what is often ‘willingly’ done to self-sabotage the season and kill the momentum – all in the name of preparation, results and balance. 

Despite all this doom and gloom we will also (of course) outline what we can and should be doing to both optimise and build momentum as well as create a sustainable – and realistic – growth mindset over a full season, and even into our off-season.

So be prepared to have a mind (and behaviour) altering peek inside the brain of an optimised, elite athlete.

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Where to put your emotion to springboard you forward with purpose and control.

Where you choose to focus your emotions will dictate the quality and consistency of your performance. So in this episode of Brain in the Game, we look closely at the importance of our emotions when learning and retaining new skills, and importantly, our how emotions can help or hinder the consistency of our performance.

Listen in to learn how to implement two simple but effective techniques that will optimise your performance system.

This is an audio replay of a recent training video utilised by some high-level athletes on skill acquisition, skill retention and skill optimisation. If you would prefer to watch the video and collect some further bonus material then click here.

Still feel like you want more?

Then check out our 
Building Champion Minds online training video series here.


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