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Almost every coach will understand the frustration and pain that comes from an athlete being mentally and emotionally paralysed by a mental block. That uncharacteristic derailing and shuddering halt of a normally calm, in control and capable athlete by what can only be described as an irrational FEAR – be it a block around a specific skill, a venue or even within a competition.

In episode #70 of Brain in the Game we listen to a lecture I delivered recently (January 2019) on the four core components of Mental Blocks and how we, as coaches, can best manage the situation.

Four Core Mental Block components:

  1. Why we have Mental Blocks
  2. What actually happens inside our minds with a Mental Block
  3. How we can fix the blockage
  4. What if the blockage keeps returning

And if you would like to view the slides of the Mental Blocks presentation I gave, they can be found here.

So sit back, enjoy and let’s unpack performance mental blocks.


Whose fault was it, really? When things are going well and athletes are winning, people love to take the credit. However, when things fall over, those same people are very quick to play the “Blame Game”.

“It wasn’t my fault… they didn’t give me the right information… I couldn’t do my job… they distracted me.” etc etc etc…

The reality is when we descend into the Blame Game we are no longer in a position to move forward or grow. Laying blame is counter-productive to development and momentum.

In this episode, we are going to examine why people play the blame game and what we should be doing instead. So settle in and let’s take an honest and clinical look at the strategies to avoid spiralling in to this unnecessary process.

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